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Thank you for offering this program, in the past 13 days my Google adsense revenues have gone from $36 dollars a day to $445.00 per day! IT'S ONLY BEEN 13 DAYS AND I AM PACING $14,000 PER MONTH!!!!"

I wanted to first start by saying I am so glad a colleague of mine from a web forum I belong to told me about you. I was becoming discouraged when looking at the only program I could find for blogging and pinging. It just seemed like I didn't have total control and sure, I admit it, I like being in charge of my future. Personally don't really like leaving my advertising in the hands of others and I more importantly don't like sharing the urls of my "very competitive" websites which was mandatory when using their program as well as the price. Just a little to rich for me.

After inquiring about any other options available to blog and ping my 210 websites and growing I posted an inquiry to the message group I belong to...I mean, heck, I can afford this this other option but I am very weary and tight lipped about discussing or leaving my web addresses anywhere since I don't want to take any chances of increasing the already heavy competition! I am just so happy I was introduced to you.

This is amazing!

Ok, I know, as usual I am going off on a tangent!

After posting my question to the group within 1 hour I was sent a link that led me to BAM "Blog Auto Machine" and you. First off, I was surprised to see you offered a free trial since hardly anyone does this and to offer a free trial on a program that could get my sites blogged and pinged in real time I thought "great, this will eliminate any doubts I have of this working". Well, after the two day trial was up I was sold. And the price was perfect especially since I didn't order until Tuesday after using the trial over the previous weekend. I noticed my stats going thru the roof. So basically after downloading the trial on Friday after work I ran the 10 pages on a few of my sites and figured heck, what do I have to loose. I will wait until mid week to see if this makes any difference. Well, I ordered on Tuesday so that just goes to show you that within 48 hours I doubled my normal daily earnings just on my Google account. I paid for this basically in just a few days of the new results I got from using the trial. How cool is that. It already paid for itself three times over man! Its hard to not want want to yell out my front door "I AM GONNA BE RICH"!!! Its harder to not want to tell everyone about it, but I refuse to since I am having so much fun watching the money pour in!

I tell you what, I couldn't wait until I could run 50, 75 or even all 210 of my full 500 page website jobs at a time with the full version! How exciting! After messing with the full version I decided to just run 25 of my sites at 400-500 pages at a time and they are all pinged and blogged in about 30 hours and pulling tons of visitors.

Plus I love the "Posting Add-On" feature where I can add my Google adsense code to each job run or heck, I can add any of my affiliate links and of course what I do is use my revenue pilot account and use a text link for each web category so I not only earn the Google revenue but I an also earn from clicks on my other affiliate programs if the visitor decides not to go to the main site.

Anyway, let me show you these stats., You aren't going to believe this!!!!!

Now check this out. I built this site over the weekend while testing it and its only 15 days old total and look at these numbers. I just built the darn thing. Over 1750 visitors in 15 days!

So after looking at these stats and my Google adsense report over the last 2 weeks of using this program I have to say I am blown away! I would recommend this program to anyone especially someone like me without any actually website coding experience.

Oh and look at this last stats form. I wanted to show you this. I had heard from my friends that Google was the hardest to get into. I guess BAM changed that. If you want to ever use me for a reference please feel free to do so. I am still blown away by the results. Thanks for helping make my family live a comfortable life!

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