Independent Test Study On Blog Auto Machine

Test Conducted By

Don Kransteuber

Case Study - New Domain Registration

*NOTE: I am not revealing the actual domain name because I do not want to interfere in this ongoing study. If I posted the URL, there would be thousands of visitors hitting this site that haven't been referred directly through the Search Engines.

Web Site Used In Case Study

  1. Total Pages: 3,128
  2. Total File Size: 23.7 MB
  3. Topic: Health Related

Tools Used In Case Study

For my first case study, I decided to test out this tool and system on a brand new domain registration and new website. Understand, I registered this domain and built the website for it within 2 days and then published it. Here are the tools I used to build this site:

  1. Traffic Equalizer
  2. Dreamweaver MX
  3. Desktop Blog & Ping Automation Tool
  5. SEO Elite (tracking purposes)

Web Hosting & Domain Registrar

  1. Hosting Provider
    1. Sever OS - Linux
    2. Web Server - Apache
    3. Control Panel - cpanel
    4. Stats Program - Awstats
    5. File Extension - PHP
  2. Domain Registrar

Testing Procedures

Please understand, I'm not a statistician, so the figures listed below were compiled by "your average guy doing some routine testing". Here is an overview of the steps taken o build and launch this site as well as the timeline involved:

  1. Register Domain Name - Last Week In February
  2. Identify Keyword Niche - Last Week In February
  3. Build Website Using Traffic Equalizer - Last Week in February
  4. Publish Website - February 28, 2005
  5. Build Blogger Site Blog - February 28, 2005
  6. Began Using (BAM!) Desktop Automated Blog & Ping Tool - March 1, 2005
    1. Number of URL's Scanned By BAM! - About 240
    2. Number of Blog Posts Done By BAM! - About 120
    3. Post Interval - 10min
    4. Posted Content - Random Page Text
  7. Last Post to Blog using BAM! - March 1, 2005
  8. Site First Spidered by Yahoo - March 1, 2005
  9. Compiled Statistics - March 7, 2005

Total Time From Site Publish to Report Generation: 7 days.

Snapshots from AWSTATS log analyzer:

Unique Visitors

This snapshot from Awstats shows the actual results I received during this case study. February, there were 3 unique visitors, two of which were generated by me, and one was from a friend who just pulled the site up in his browser so I was sure domain propagation was taking place.

As you can clearly see, I went from ZERO visitors to 640 Unique Visitors within 7 days. All visits were the direct result of FREE Search Engine traffic, no paid links and no reciprocal links.

Daily Stats

*March 6 was a Sunday, which accounts for the slight dip in numbers.

Spider Visits

This snapshot reveals the amount of visits from Search Engine spiders. This site had 2,687 page hits and 106 robots.txt hits from Yahoo. THIS IS IN 7 DAYS! Googlebot shows 442 page hits and 2 robots.txt hits.

Pages Indexed

I used SEO Elite to track which pages in my site were indexed by the Search Engines. As you can see, my site had 225 pages indexed in Yahoo as well as 200+ pages indexed by Altavista and Alltheweb.

Keyword Traffic From Search Engines

Here's the most important snapshot of all. Why? Because it shows that my site has 348 Keyword Phrases that were clicked at least one time in the Search Engines (primarily Yahoo). If you think about this, you can pretty much assume that many of these keywords are Top 10 Rankings because as we all know, almost no one goes to page two results in the search engines when searching.


Pages Index in Yahoo:
Unique Visitors: 643
Keyword Phrases In Search Engines: 538
Total Time: 7 days