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Find out how a one customer went from
$20 a day to over $450 per day
in less than 2 weeks using B.A.M.

Finally, Blog Software That Automates
The Entire "Blog & Ping" Process And Gets Your Web Pages Crawled, Indexed & Even Ranked in Less Than One Week.


Dear Marketer,

There is absolutely no doubt the Blog & Ping system for getting pages crawled and indexed by Search Engines works. Top marketers been using this blog software system for quite some time now and have had fantastic success with it.

If you haven't heard of this system, it basically involves setting up a WordPress blog and/or a blog, adding that blog to your My Yahoo page, making posts to the blog and then pinging blog aggregators to let them know your blog exists. (Many sites will charge you for learning this strategy, however you get a free tutorial on how this works with your blog software. It's included in our help files) If it sounds like a lot of work, you're right, it is. That's why I kept thinking there had to be a better way to do this,

then it hit me...

What if there was a way to completely AUTOMATE the Blog & Ping process?

What if I had a desktop based tool that did ALL THE WORK FOR ME so I can focus on other parts of my business? So, I began searching all over the Internet for a desktop solution that automated the Blog & Ping process for me.

Zip, Zero, Nada, Zilch

That's what I found, no such tool existed. I did come across some web-based solution, but it costs over $2,000 and I don't know about you, but that's too pricey for me.

So I kept looking...

Nothing. No such tool existed. That's when I decided to make it my personal mission to solve this problem and automate the process so I could focus on building new websites, writing articles, and running other parts of my business. After several weeks of research, design and testing,

I finally came up with the ultimate Blog & Ping Automation Tool...

B.A.M. - Blog Auto Machine

Now, keep in mind that I originally designed this blog software tool for my own personal use. And for those of you who still Blog and Ping the old-fashioned way, you know how you feel even after a short while. It really sucks. So, you can imagine how I felt with my 100% automated, completely flexible, independent, easy to use super blog software. It felt great! And that was my main reason for creating B.A.M. When it's sitting in your system tray working away whenever you tell it to you really get a good feeling.

I know that Blog Auto Machine works perfectly

but I Also Wanted an Independent Test Study
Here is the letter I got back when it done completed

Independent Test Study

Well, I finished the case study and I am completely blown away! In less than seven days I went from ZERO to over 640 unique visitors on a brand new domain and website with over 200 pages indexed and 538 ranked keyword phrases. I still look at my log files in disbelief.

The Blog Auto Machine tool is going to send shockwaves across the Internet as people find out how easily they can get their sites deep crawled, indexed and even ranked in a few days. And without doing any reciprocal linking or paying for incoming links.

I think the best part of Blog Auto Machine is really how easy it is to use. Regardless of experience level, everyone can use this tool and get fantastic results!

Best Regards,
Don Kransteuber

The Study concluded the following:

Pages Index in Yahoo: 225
Unique Visitors: 643
Keyword Phrases In Search Engines: 538
Total Time: 7 days

For details of this test click below:

Blog Auto Machine automatically crawls your website and creates one blog post for each page. How many pages you add is up to you.
You can blog and ping 'Unlimited' pages per day.
Blog Auto Machine is completely customizable because you control the posting interval and the number of URLs to auto blog on each run.
You control which ping services to use (and even an option to submit each URL to Google add URL)
B.A. M. blog software can post to Blogger or Wordpress or both at the same time.
Post either your page description or random content from your web site.
Blog Auto Machine runs as a Windows service so you can work on other applications without interference.
B.A.M. blog software provides you status reports in a log format.
Blog Auto Machine even offers you built in proxy server support.
B.A.M. blog software allows you to manage unlimited domains/projects for one flat fee. (No monthly charges)

Find out how a one customer went from
$20 a day to over $450 per day
in less than 2 weeks using B.A.M. v2.0

Blog Software

This customer goes into great detail on how he uses the blog software and the results he has enjoyed.

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$450 Per Day

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(Remember that when B.A.M. auto blog software starts it immediately goes to the System Tray on your task bar. So, click on the 'B.A.M. icon' in your system tray. Double Click the B.A.M. icon in the system tray )

Customer Review

I just wanted to write you and thank you for the great program you have created.

First, I have seen other products on the market that do some of what B.A.M. can do, but all were outrageously priced.

Personally, I think your product is worth much more than you are selling it for. I have not found a faster way to get my new sites indexed and traffic coming to them than by using B.A.M.

I have even been able to rekindle some of my old sites that weren't indexed as well as I would like. Blog Auto Machine is truly a gem. Thanks for the great product and support; and I look forward to any new tools you come out with

Chris M.

Customer Review

I have to tell you I'm really impressed with BAM. It really is an amazing tool that automates the task of manually blogging and pinging.

We all know time is money. With BAM it lets me focus on my other tasks at hand.

But more importantly, it delivers and gets spiders to your site in a heartbeat!

I highly recommend this to anyone, if you want to get your new site spidered and indexed in the search engines.


Customer Review

I've found BAM to be fantastic and easy to use.

The customer support has been very helpful with the few questions I've needed to ask.

More importantly, I increased my income over 18 times in less than two weeks using BAM - that tells me it WORKS!

It's also a lot cheaper than the other tools on the market :)


Internet marketers enjoyed incredible success with B.A.M. auto blog software and said they would have paid many times the $597 original price

After the independent survey only 2000 copies of Blog Auto Machine were sold at an incredible low price of $297 and has not been available until ... now

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While many marketers achieved good or exceptional results, we do not guarantee these kind of results from using Blog Auto Machine for everyone. The software works & we provide full support. We provide full access to our software for evaluation & trial purposes. Please take a few minmutes to read the user guide. Please note that we no longer provide a 30 day full refund policy due to the reduced price.